Conversation Starters

Imagine you are in an accident or have a sudden illness that leaves you unable to communicate. Your loved one or caregiver is faced with a difficult decision about whether to continue life-saving measures. How does that person know what to do?

It may be difficult to think about these scenarios, but it is even more difficult for a loved one or doctor to make decisions on your behalf if you have not discussed or documented your wishes.

Here are some individuals you may want to start those conversations with.

Your Doctor

Your regular doctor may not be the one treating you if there is ever an emergency, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your doctor right now about questions or concerns you may have.  The discussion guide has a list of questions that can help start your conversation about what your wishes are if something were to happen to you.

Your Family

Talking to your family about your preferences or wishes, if you ever cannot speak for yourself is important. See the discussion guide for ideas on the kinds of questions you can talk about with your loved ones.

Your Healthcare Advocate

You’ve chosen a healthcare advocate, but does your healthcare advocate know what your preferences are if something happens to you, and you cannot speak for yourself?  Does he or she know what kinds of treatments you would want?  Check out the discussion guide for suggestions on what you might want to be talking about with your healthcare advocate.

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