Getting Started with an Advance Care Plan

What am I getting with MyDirectives advance care planning for AARP Medicare Supplement members insured by UnitedHealthcare?

How My Advance Care Plan Works

Security, Accessibility, and Legality

The document is NOT a legal document like a "living will" or an "advance directive."  There are additional steps you can take to make this document legal if something happens to you and you are unable to speak for yourself. States have different requirements regarding appointing a healthcare advocate (e.g., healthcare agent, proxy, substitute decision-maker) and how to make an advance care plan legal. Some state laws require witness or notary signatures on advance directives. Talk to an attorney or your legal advisor to find out the specific requirements for your state. If you are in a state that requires a witness or notary, you can use the Witness/Notary link to do this electronically or use the placeholder section at the bottom of your advance care plan. Be sure to talk to your doctor about the best way to ensure it is accessible in your medical record.

If you share your advance care plan with your healthcare provider or your providers otherwise have access, talk with your legal advisor and providers about whether it will become part of your medical record.

You can print your advance care plan anytime, or you can access your advance care plan electronically during the pilot. Accessing your plan online will allow you to make changes or updates during the course of the pilot.

You control access by setting up contacts in the tool under My Circle and notifying them via email from your My Dashboard page. You can choose to send your contacts, including your doctors, one time access to a file of your advance care plan or provide them with a link where they can always access the most recent version. Except as outlined below, these individuals will only have access to your advance care plan if you set them up as contacts and allow access. Please be aware that emails generated by the tool from ADVault are unencrypted and there is a risk of interception or disclosure of the contents of email messages. In addition, ADVault is working with hospitals with electronic medical records to ensure that doctors, nurses, and admitting staff can access your advance care plan using the information you put in My Account. This is currently only available in certain locations where ADVault has these arrangements. Share your advance care plan with your doctors and talk to them about the best way to ensure it is accessible in your specific healthcare system.

Your individual advance care plan will not be sold. 

See above for information about how to provide access to your advance care plan, the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.  The purpose of having an advance care plan is to share your medical treatment goals, preferences and priorities with family, caregivers and healthcare providers when there's a medical emergency. When you sign your advance care plan, you authorize healthcare providers to search and retrieve your records.  UnitedHealthcare won't have access to the contents of your advance care plan.

The information provided in this tool is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional health care or serve as legal advice. The tool does not provide a legal advance directive, advance medical directive, power of attorney, or similar document. Each jurisdiction’s laws may have specific requirements for these types of documents. If you have questions please consult your personal legal advisor.

MyDirectives is offered free to individuals by Dallas, Texas-based ADVault, Inc., a privately held U.S. corporation dedicated to ensuring that people can live with confidence they can have a voice in their healthcare, especially if they suffer a medical emergency and can’t communicate. 

No. UnitedHealthcare will not receive specific details about your advance care plan.

For your security, the system will require you to log in again if there is no activity for 20 minutes. If this happens, just log in again. To avoid having to start over, your answers are saved whenever you select Save and Continue

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